MWS facilitates the field of Hospital Management through their software application, which enables hospitals to provide optimal healthcare solutions. The Hospital Management Software integrates information from various sources within the hospital environment, analyzing and storing data in appropriate formats for service providers to utilize as needed.

The software unifies legal details, regulations, standards, asset details, employee information, administrative details, and patient medical records, ensuring the effective operation of hospitals. Additionally, the Hospital Management Software processes information from different departments, labs, and other agencies, automatically eliminating errors that may occur in manual processes. MWS ensures that healthcare and hospital providers utilize the HMS application to deliver high-quality healthcare to society.

The Software:

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  • Hospital Management Software is outstanding software in the field of hospital management.
  • It takes care of all the portions of the hospital like account, inventory, laboratory management, outdoor patient management, indoor patient management, laboratory and reception etc.
  • MWS ensures that the healthcare and hospital providers would use the HMS application for its actual purpose of giving top-class healthcare to our society.
  • The information from various departments, labs, other agencies are all processed through this Hospital Management Software solutions.
  • The hospital management software provides all kinds of masters that are in personalizing mode so that one can add the things as per they need

The Main Features:

  • Immediate voice help available on all options/forms
  • The software provides both screen driven and menu options
  • Compatible with windows-9X or higher
  • Compatible LAN
  • Restore and build in backup facilities
  • Retaining the inventory section of the hospital
  • Upgrade account management with accounting needs
  • Complete data of patients
  • Indoor management
  • Laboratory management
  • Automatic and complete operation of reception

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  • An advance reception for all needed operations to be done automatically.
  • Creating new entry for patients
  • Viewing and altering all old details for the patients
  • The software would print two copies of bill and send data to report printing department.

Security Features:

  • Secrecy of data
  • User defined data access
  • Brilliant validation for each entry
  • Password facility to ensure validity of user




  • The services for a particular patient
  • The treatment for a particular patient
  • The occupancy
  • The deposits of patients
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