Our payroll software application is designed to accommodate multi-location/multi-company systems. Change is a fundamental aspect of life, including business. In this ever-evolving business landscape, factors such as the increasing popularity of global economic concepts, heightened employee mobility, and a large workforce have introduced complexities to payroll management systems, making them more burdensome than ever before.

MWS offers revolutionary and comprehensive payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations.

Why Our Payroll System?

Our software package is designed to be easy-to-use, user-friendly, and suitable for multiple users. It offers a wide range of functionalities, including generating general reports, monthly pay-slips, and user-defined reports, queries, and statements to meet the daily requirements of HR and Accounts departments. Additionally, our payroll system generates annual returns that comply with government standards.

One of the key features of our payroll software app is its ability to handle multi-location and multi-company setups. This allows customers to manage payroll accounting for different branches or offices that may be geographically separated. Our comprehensive payroll package offers a wide range of queries and reports, enabling accounting professionals to efficiently track payroll activities and access historical information.

Moreover, our payroll software ensures timely and accurate compensation for all employees, including accurate deductions. The software provides various user-defined reports to facilitate timely deduction remittance.

Overall, our high-end payroll software offers a complete solution for payroll management, providing efficiency, accuracy, and convenience to businesses.

Salient Features of Our Software Package

Our comprehensive accounting software package encompasses essential features that are imperative for efficient management of HR and Accounts Departments. Below is a preview of the key offerings provided by our payroll system software package:

  • Location-based Salary calculation and payment
  • Optimum flexibility via easy-to-configure parameters as defined by users
  • Several layers of strong security system
  • Validation of extensive data at data entry level for data error elimination
  • Limited information access for every user group. General/Admin ID and password can be different from one company/location to another.
  • Logfile to record all activities of every user
  • Option of sending pay slip to employees’ email address
  • Developing and maintaining a small database for every employee, with accurate accommodation of 99 earning deduction heads for salary calculation
  • Complete personal profile of every employee with authorized copies of submitted documents including academic records, experience, photograph etc
  • Professional tax, ESIC and PF returns on monthly basis
  • Deduction report of electronic PF transfer
  • Day-to-day attendance data from reliable sources like manual data feeding, card-swapping machine, bio-matrix machine
  • Loan and leaves record
  • Generating offer letter, appointment letter and final statement
  • Calendar of yearly holidays

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