ERP Navision: Reloading Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is specifically designed for medium-sized companies, tailored to meet the needs of production and distribution companies. It is particularly useful for small manufacturing units, although it is also suitable for companies with several employees.

With numerous advantages and features, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has gained popularity, especially due to its association with Microsoft. It provides a streamlined approach to automate and streamline all aspects of business operations, covering the entire spectrum of a company's activities.

The Company Activity:


  • Workspace optimization
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business reporting and intelligence
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management

Multi Functionality:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is equipped with versatile features such as multi-units, multi-locations, and multi-language support, which contribute to its exceptional flexibility for complex business processes.

When compared to other Microsoft products, this solution offers a high level of personalization and adaptability.

Moreover, the seamless integration with Microsoft applications like MS Visio or MS Office enhances its user-friendliness. Employees familiar with the MS Office interface, for example, will find it significantly easier to use this software and expedite implementation.

Additionally, its integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server enables efficient data transmission from various locations and facilitates off-site transactions.

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The Owners:

Business owners can leverage Microsoft Dynamics NAV to make informed decisions. This comprehensive solution provides better access to specific information and offers extensive reporting capabilities. The reports can be easily customized to meet specific requirements and exported to other applications.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV ensures adaptability to economic and financial changes. In today's dynamic markets, amidst challenges such as globalization and maintaining a competitive edge, this solution proves invaluable.

Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers excellent customer support and training. The initial cost varies depending on the chosen system. The tier one version provides basic financial management features, while the next level includes additional modules for manufacturing, reporting, and project management. For advanced Microsoft NAV-ERP solutions, the higher-priced options offer the necessary tools for your business.

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